BioConstructs is a leading provider of science-based health and fitness programs tailored to the very specific needs of “peak performers”– those, including firefighters and police officers, whose jobs are highly stressful and physically demanding.

The company’s flagship product, the Preparation for Chaos Program, is designed to help strengthen firefighters’ bodies in anticipation of unpredictable and challenging situations, thus reducing the likelihood of injury.

In addition to its PFC program, the company conducts master classes with health and fitness professionals trainers and customizes training seminars for corporate and other clients.

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About Jacques Henri Taylor

As co-founder of BioConstructs Jacques Henri Taylor has spent the past eleven years helping people get what they want from their bodies. He has developed wellness and performance enhancement programs for individual clients as well as for corporations and public entities, such as American Express, the Santa Monica Fire Department, and Town Sports International. Jacques has developed a thriving Muscle Activation Techniques practice in Los Angeles, CA and travels the country teaching healthcare and fitness professionals about trenchant concepts in biomechanics and joint health.

Jacques holds a bachelor of science degree in neuroscience from Oberlin college, has completed the Mastery level of the Resistance Training Specialist Program, and is certified as a Muscle Activation Techniques Therapist.

Jacques continues to study and teach biomechanics at the most respected and informed institutions in the nation and is committed to delivering relevant, effective, and invigorating wellness/fitness services.